Tell Me Again God!

Are you having to trust God now like never before? If so, this time can be the greatest adventure of your life!
Before things went awry in my life, God had given me a vision for a new future. It didn't make sense and it seemed impossible but He knew thats what I was going to need! It would help me hang on through the next 7 years of life altering experiences, that included divorce, my father's sudden death and the loss of my job. When all of my props were indeed out from under me, I found myself at the bottom of that "infamous" tunnel seeing just a flicker of light peeking through the top. That light was God reminding me of the vision He had given me before and the scripture in His word. "Without vision people perish." (Proverbs 28:19). But most of all it reminded me that He was still there and He had a plan for my life. There was hope against hope and freedom from despair. I came to terms with the situations and relationships that were not a part of what He was doing in my life now and I was finally at peace with just Him and me!
Visions and promises from God keep us focused and our thoughts centered especially when life doesn't make sense. When the enemy comes against us with depression, fear and doubt distractions, God will remind us of the vision again, we just need to believe Him for it. Is there a vision in your heart that God has put there? Could it be connected to your promised land? If you have stopped nurturing it or stopped paying attention to it, ask God to show it to you again.
Keep referring back to the original dream and vision in your heart when life doesn't make sense. It will keep you focused and give you hope in addition to The Hope He has already given you to keep moving on!


Teresa Neal, 7/6/2017

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