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Thank you for visiting our site! L!v!ng !t Up! the teaching ministry of Scott and Teresa Neal exists for the “soul” purpose of helping people begin their day, their entire life or their marriage, all over again, but this time with a "loving" God at the center and with humor as a relief. L!v!ng !t Up! includes James 1:27 Servants, Inc., Heroes for Kiddos and Widows, a 501c3 non-profit organization, dedicated to helping fatherless kiddos and widows in need. Donations are tax-deductible.

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Find encouragement by listening to our iTunes podcast where you can hear real people from around the world share their "beginnning again" in life come back stories. What they have to say will give you a reason to be !iv!ng !t up along the way to finding peace with God, peace with yourself and peace with others.



Coming Soon!

Check here for info concerning our upcoming workshops or speaking engagements in your area. We will list our schedules where we will be speaking together and where we be speaking individually. You can also find out about the special kiddos and widows we will be serving, as well as local outreach events and how you can participate as a volunteer.


Tell Me Again God!
Are you having to trust God now like never before? If so, this time can be the greatest adventure of your life! Before things went awry in my life, God had given me a vision for a new future. It didn't make sense and it seemed impossible but He knew t More ...